A body language expert claimed that Prince Charles will always love Prince Harry, despite the alleged embarrassment he has caused the royal family.

In "The Me You Can't See" documentary, the Duke of Sussex accused his father of letting him suffer growing up after Princess Diana's death. He said he had to turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain he was feeling.

He also told Oprah Winfrey in March 2021 that the Prince of Wales cut him off financially after Megxit so he now only relies on what his mother left him so he and Meghan Markle could get by. Prince Harry also suggested that Prince Charles and his brother, Prince William, are trapped in the system and do not know how to get out.

Despite all these controversial revelations, body language expert Darren Stanton claimed that Prince Charles still loves his youngest son very much. He told Entertainment Daily, "What is clear now though is that Charles loves Harry and William very much, even though Harry may have caused him some embarrassment."

He added, "I believe it's still clear from the way that Prince Charles still interacts with Harry when they are together that he is still very much the loving father." As for his role as a father, Stanton claimed that the future king has "evolved" because he has become "more comfortable" in the role.

As for showing public display of affection, Stanton claimed that the Prince of Wales "has mellowed much more now as well." He observed that the 73-year-old "seems to be a lot more tactile" and "more willing to be seen giving public displays of affection like hugs and kisses."

"We definitely saw a softer side to him as he wholly embraced his position of grandfather while looking after Prince Louis at the Jubilee celebrations," he pointed out.

Stanton also shared his thoughts on what type of father Prince Harry is to his children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1. He claimed that the Duke of Sussex is "very similar" to his brother Prince William because they are both "besotted" by their children. He reportedly also is "not afraid to be seen out in public playing" with them.

Mark Colborne
Prince Charles and his youngest son Prince Harry Getty