Prince Charles is considering opening palace doors to those fleeing the war in Ukraine and thinking of practical solutions to help them move forward with their lives.

Royal expert Russell Myers shared that there are talks among palace aids about hosting Ukrainian refugees in three royal residences. There is no specific location in place yet but it is believed that Dumfries House in Ayrshire would be a good place.

He discussed this during a conversation with ITV host Lorraine Kelly on Monday's episode of "Lorraine." She asked, "I also hear that there might be - there just might be - room inside some royal palaces for some Ukrainian refugees. What are you hearing?"

Myers replied, "Me and my colleagues are speaking to the palaces and they said they are looking at practical solutions for what they can do."

He added, "It's really interesting because the palaces, the Royal family's palaces, are huge in number and huge in size so they obviously have an awful lot of room. It's been a question during the week since the Belgian royal family said they were willing to take in groups of refugees into the royal palaces."

Myers said that the British royals, Prince Charles in particular, not only wants to house the refugees. He is also looking into other practical plans that "will involve potentially jobs and training within the royal household." He said it is "something that the royal family are very committed to" doing.

"I understand that Prince Charles is very keen to house some Ukrainian Refugees in Dumfries House in Ayrshire. Could the Queen follow suit? She obviously has private houses in Sandringham and Norfolk. She's also got the huge Balmoral estate," he continued.

Myers thinks that "it might not be very practical" to have the Ukrainian refugees in Buckingham palace "as it's still having an awful lot of refurbishment work done." Nevertheless, he believes that "this could be a fantastic way for the royal family to do actually something practical" to help them.

Prince Charles' plans come at the heels of the offer by Belgian royals to house Ukrainian refugees in three properties. These include two properties in Wallonia and Brussels and one in Tervuren which will be available in April.

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Prince Charles looks on during his farewell ceremony in Winnipeg, Canada. Reuters