Prince Charles is said to be the last person Prince Andrew can ask for help if he wants to keep his Duke of York title.

The 62-year-old is under pressure to relinquish his dukedom after city council members on Wednesday stripped him of his "Freedom of the City of York" honour. It came after he lost his royal patronages and military titles in January this year.

Now the only logical step is for him to give up his Duke of York title to remove what Labour councillor Aisling Musson labeled as "his stain of an association with this city." If he refuses, then the royal family would have to step in.

But according to Jennie Bond, the Prince of Wales will unlikely publicly show his support for his younger brother. The former royal correspondent explained why during a guest appearance on GB News on Thursday. She said it is down to the lack of bond between them. She said the Prince of Wales and other members of the royal family would unlikely back Prince Andrew should the demand reach Parliament.

"I don't think so. I think that if this got to Parliament, I don't think in any way Charles would stand up for his brother and say, 'No you mustn't take his Dukedom away,'" Bond said when asked by host Eamonn Holmes, "Jennie, you said mothers stand by their sons but would brothers stand by their brother?"

She explained, "There is not a huge bond between Charles and Andrew I don't think and the other siblings. I mean I am sure they love him as any other family loves their siblings, but I don't think they will, in any public way, stand by him for him to come back into public life."

Bond also stressed that calls for Prince Andrew to relinquish his dukedom "won't go away." She said that the city "has been so forthright in what they have said about it all, they have said he does not reflect York's values."

Prince Charles may not support Prince Andrew, but it is believed that Queen Elizabeth II will continue to back him. She will reportedly not yield to calls for her son to be stripped of his Duke of York title if he refuses to relinquish it.

Prince Andrew and Prince Charles
Prince Andrew and Prince Charles Peter Nicholls/Reuters