A royal expert has claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might ruin the chances of their nephew Prince George becoming the king of the United Kingdom.

Prince George, third in the line of succession to the British throne and eldest great-grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, is a direct heir after his father Prince William and grandfather Prince Charles. However, there are already several speculations about whether the monarchy would be able to survive by the time it's his turn to take over the throne. Royal expert Daniela Elser has now said that George's only uncle Prince Harry and his wife Meghan might be further hampering his chances to sit on the throne.

In an article for New Zealand Herald, Elser discussed Booker Prize-winning novelist Dame Hilary Mantel's prediction that the monarchy only has two generations left, Prince Charles and Prince William. She commented, "Mantel's prediction is worth some serious consideration given recent events. Today, the monarchy is taking on water, fast, and on multiple fronts."

"For the Queen, the person charged with ensuring the survival of the crown, there is no respite from this current dismal state of affairs in sight," Elser explained, referring to the Queen's recent troubles including a sex abuse case against her son Prince Andrew and the racism allegations levelled by her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan.

Elser said the fault lies with Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, and Prince Harry, "three princes whose behaviour and choices have set off a series of crises the likes of which the royal family has never seen before." She explained that while Prince Andrew's case is the first time in history that a royal has been "publicly accused of such a reprehensible act," Prince Charles's alleged involvement in a cash for honour scandal has also created a huge controversy. Reports in The Times last month have claimed that people from the Prince of Wales's inner circles promised wealthy businessmen British titles or citizenship in exchange for huge donations to his charity.

"Last but not least, we get to the third prince whose antics have caused no end of palace grief this year. Enter stage left the carping Prince Harry and his laundry list of gripes which he and wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex have been fronting the press with," Elser added.

She said that the couple's claims have already caused a lot of damage to Buckingham Palace's image, and it's only likely to get worse after Prince Harry releases an autobiography about his royal life next year. Their actions, combined with those of the Queen's sons Charles and Andrew, can effectively destroy the monarchy by the time it's Prince George's turn to be the monarch.

"What unites the Andrew, Charles and Harry imbroglios if that have, and will continue to, erode the trust in, and respect for, the monarchy. The crown is meant to stand for something proud and dignified. Sure the toe-sucking, tampon-fancying shenanigans of the '80s and '90s were embarrassing but this current crop of crises are in another stratosphere entirely," Elser reflected .

She concluded that it's quite possible that in some 50-odd years when George inherits the monarchy, it would have become "an institution tattered and beleaguered after having barely scraped through generations of scandal and crisis"

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