Prince Harry has been labelled "a joke" as he lives his life in the U.S.A. trying to be a moral guardian to others.

Karren Brady hits out at the Duke of Sussex in her piece for The Sun, in which she called the royal a "laughing stock." She compared him to other members of the British royal family and pointed at his alleged lack of support for Ukraine.

"But at a time when war is raging in Ukraine, His Royal Wokeness has become something of a laughing stock. We have seen the actions of truly inspirational people in the past few days," she wrote adding, "The family Harry dumped have shown their subtle — but powerful — support for the brave Ukrainians, with the Queen and Kate carefully choosing flowers and clothes that represent the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag."

However, she claimed the 37-year-old royal's "actions look crass" while the "rest of the world fears for the thousands in Ukraine who are losing their lives." She then insulted how Prince Harry appeared in his video call to promote the upcoming Invictus Games in The Hague in the Netherlands. In it, he wore orange from head to foot and attempted to brush up on his Dutch.

"From a man who decided that his new job was to be a moral guardian, playing fancy dress right now makes him seem completely out of touch. If Harry had gone to America to become a gardener, I would not be questioning his actions. But he made it clear from the start what his new role was. Harry is now a laughing stock," the 52-year-old "The Apprentice" star continued and said the Duke of Sussex "was one of the best jokes at the BAFTAs" when host Rebel Wilson mocked his and Meghan Markle's Oprah interview for having it all "from drama to horror, to fantasy."

Brady said that Prince Harry "only has himself to blame" for becoming "a joke because of the choices HE made." Brady claimed that the Duke of Sussex "wants to be seen as a caring crusader," but he has "lost touch with one of the most significant characteristics of being royal and that is dignity."

Prince Harry
Prince Harry joined pop royalty including Jennifer Lopez at a star-studden concert in Los Angeles Photo: AFP / VALERIE MACON