Prince Harry is using his lack of police protection as a reason for not wanting to return to the U.K. But it is now being claimed that he actually wants to avoid being humiliated by the British public.

The Duke of Sussex had admitted that he does not feel safe in his own home country without his personal security detail. As such, he is skipping out on Prince Philip's memorial on March 29, but he will attend the Invictus Games in the Netherlands in April.

Royal author Duncan Larcombe questioned Prince Harry's decision to be there at The Hague for the games but not at his grandfather's memorial. He claimed that the 37-year old is purposely refusing to return to the U.K. because he is afraid of the public's reception.

"In my opinion, the security issue is a total excuse. Harry has returned to the UK since moving to the States, for Philip's funeral, and for his late mother's memorial service, and there hasn't been a security threat," Larcombe told Closer magazine and asked, "What more threat will there be in the UK than there will be in The Hague?"

The author of "Prince Harry: The Inside Story" claimed that the Duke of Sussex is "honestly probably more fearful of being booed by the British public and of facing his family."

Larcombe believes that the duke should return home to his family for Prince Philip's memorial. It would mean a lot for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, for him to be there. It would also be a great opportunity for the royals to reunite with Archie, 2, and finally personally meet nine-month-old Lilibet.

"But I think he should be there to support his grandmother on what will be an emotional day for her. The Queen is also yet to meet Lilibet and has barely spent any time with Archie. So it's a shame he's missing out on this precious time with her," he added.

Prince Harry will be the only royal family member who will not attend Prince Philip's memorial at Westminster Abbey. Queen Elizabeth II wants to be there despite her frail health and even Prince Andrew is expected to attend.

Prince Harry
Duke of Sussex Prince Harry Photo: POOL / Jeremy Selwyn