A body language expert claimed that Prince Harry seethed with anger during an episode of their Netflix series "Harry and Meghan," when Meghan Markle recalled her first meeting with Queen Elizabeth II.

Jesús Enrique Rosas took to his "The Body Language Guy" YouTube channel to share his observation of the Duke of Sussex's facial expression when he saw his wife attempting to do a curtsy while seated. In this episode, the former "Suits" star admitted that she was not prepared to meet the former monarch and did not know how to curtsy. She mentioned getting quick lessons from Princess Eugenie and Sarah Ferguson.

Meghan Markle then spread her arms wide and bent forward with her head down to show how she greeted Queen Elizabeth II during their first meeting. According to Rosas, Prince Harry did not look amused by the gesture.

"The first part of Harry's reaction tells me that he knew what was coming. He is serious even if Meghan is speaking quite joyfully but there's no connection, no empathy in him. He is quite serious maybe even angry," he said.

Rosas alleged that Meghan Markle made fun of her meeting with Queen Elizabeth II which infuriated the Duke of Sussex. He said the 38-year-old's body language showed he was angry and explained, "He is serious and maybe even angry, notice what happens with his throat, he is swallowing at that moment."

Rosas claimed Prince Harry displayed contempt which was visible on the left side of his face and said, "He is looking at Meghan and he displays contempt. A split second after that, he looks away and presses his jaw. He's maybe ashamed, maybe angry, but there is definitely an emotional reaction and he is not liking it."

Moreover, the expert pointed out the subtle change in the duke's skin tone before and after his wife re-enacted the curtsy. He included a before and after photo to show the "patches of natural red on the royal's face and right after, when he's forcing a smile because Meghan is doing that mocking."

"You can see the patches of red on his face are much redder – the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, the temples – it could be that he feels ashamed or angry."

However, Rosas believes that Prince Harry was showing "covert anger" at Meghan Markle and not shame because he would have covered his embarrassment with nervous laughter.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Britain's Meghan, Duchess of Sussex speaks during the opening ceremony of the One Young World summit, in Manchester. Photo: Reuters / MOLLY DARLINGTON Reuters / MOLLY DARLINGTON