An argument between two journalists erupted on TV due to their opposing views about Prince Harry. One slammed the duke for constantly "whinging" while another defended his actions.

Journalists Esther Krakue and Nina Myskow discussed the heat surrounding the Duke of Sussex following news of his interview with Tom Bradby and Anderson Cooper ahead of the release of his memoir "Spare" on Jan. 10. The two women appeared on an episode of ITV's "Good Morning Britain" to share their opinions.

Krakue, a political commentator, claimed that there is no coming back for the 38-year-old because he continues to attack his family publicly while Myskow, a former columnist for The Sun, said he only wants to share his experience. She said Prince Harry is "perfectly entitled to express his own opinion and to tell his story as he sees it and in fact, he is not the first in the royal family to do this."

She noted that Princess Diana also told her story to author Andrew Morton. In 1994, King Charles III did a TV interview with Jonathan Dimbleby, whom he authorised to write his biography.

Myskow argued that the Duke of Sussex is not "whinging" or complaining about the royals in his various interviews. Instead, he "is expressing his view" and sharing what he "has been through" especially "the leaking from the palace" and the "lack of support" from the royals. She said that if people "care about the royal family" then they should also "care about how they conduct themselves."

On the contrary, Krakue said that Prince Harry is completely "whinging" and that it has been going on since his Oprah interview in 2021, which she called the "tackiest thing" she has ever seen in her life. She then called the duke and Meghan Markle "narcissistic brats" and urged them to just be adults and move on with their lives in their mansion in California.

Myskow had the last word and defended Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She said "they have been badly served" by the media and "being briefed by the palace they have been pushed out. They are entitled to say what they've gone through."

Prince Harry's memoir called "Spare"
Prince Harry's memoir called "Spare" arrive on Jan. 10, 2023. Photo: Penguin Random House Penguin Random House