Meghan Markle is reportedly concerned about her reputation following the release of Prince Harry's memoir "Spare" because it contains some details that should have been kept private.

The Duke of Sussex has been mocked for talking about losing his virginity in a field at the back of a pub and about having frostbitten manhood during Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. The revelations reportedly had the Duchess of Sussex "cringing."

New Idea claimed that the former "Suits" star had initially thought that her husband's memoir "would be their crowning glory" and make the public finally understand why they had to leave the U.K. and start over in California.

But the criticism and mockery that came following the release of "Spare" were reportedly enough to keep Meghan Markle in the shadows. She had not said a word or appeared in any of Prince Harry's TV interviews to promote his book.

The publication claimed there is a reason for her silence following the memoir's release on Jan. 10 and that is because "she's humiliated." She had reportedly "expected Harry's book to get everyone onside after all their struggles, and instead her husband – and therefore her – has become a laughing stock." His memoir has only made them "the butt of jokes."

The Duchess of Sussex is allegedly worried that Prince Harry's memoir will make her "sound crazy" as he included private details about their relationship. Including the part about their steamy date night in London's Soho House and how he also found her "sobbing" several times while she lived in the U.K.

She reportedly could not believe that he would go that far and they have been fighting about it. It is claimed that their arguments would usually end with Prince Harry leaving their Montecito mansion to get some air or leaving after being told by his wife to get out of her sight.

However, claims that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been fighting over the contents of "Spare" remain unconfirmed. The Duchess of Sussex is in fact proud of the success of her husband's memoir as shown by the congratulatory message written on the Archewell Foundation website.

Among the memoir's key passages, Prince Harry refers to William as 'my beloved brother, my arch-nemesis'
Among the memoir's key passages, Prince Harry refers to William as 'my beloved brother, my arch-nemesis' AFP News