Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly trying their best not to escalate their feud with the rest of the British royal family, which has worsened since their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

However, they do not regret giving the tell-all where they accused Buckingham Palace of denying the "prince" title to their son Archie due to his mixed-race heritage and not helping Meghan when she was struggling with suicidal thoughts among several other serious allegations, reports Us Weekly.

"It's no secret that the last year Harry and Meghan have been at war with the royals. All is not forgiven, but after all the backlash regarding their interviews — which by the way, the pair have no regrets about — they're trying their utmost to maintain a good relationship with the queen in order to keep the peace," a source explained to the outlet.

The insider claimed that the Sussexes, who quit as senior members of the royal family in March last year, want "to avoid being demoted as a royal at all costs and at worst-case scenario, losing their (Duke and Duchess of Sussex) titles."

Meanwhile, a report in The Mail on Sunday claims that the Queen has decided to drop Buckingham Palace's "never complain, never explain" policy due to the recent incidents, including the row over whether the Sussexes informed her or sought her permission about using her childhood name for their daughter.

A royal insider described the conversation between Harry and the queen about Lilibet's name as "a telling, not an asking." According to sources, the monarch will no longer remain silent if her grandson and granddaughter-in-law allow "mistruths" about their family to circulate in the public domain.

"This is about whether or not what is being reported is an accurate version of what actually happened," an insider said.

The report comes soon after the couple released a statement to refute the BBC report that claimed the queen had no choice but to accept the name of her 11th great-granddaughter. A spokesman for the duo clarified: "The Duke spoke with his family in advance of the announcement. In fact, his grandmother was the first family member he called. During that conversation, he shared their hope of naming Lilibet in her honour. Had she not been supportive, they would not have used the name."

Royal family feud
Feuding royals timeline Photo: AFP / Jonathan WALTER