Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrived at the United Nations General Assembly and were met by reporters and photographers eager to get an interview. One reporter managed to ask aloud if they have any say on Tom Bower's controversial new book called "Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and The War Between the Windsors."

The couple arrived holding hands and wearing smiles on their faces. Even when someone asked what they think about the novel, they continued to smile. Suffice to say, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex acted nonchalantly even when United Nations correspondent for Voice of America Margaret Besheer asked if they are worried about its impact on the royals.

"Prince Harry are you worried that Tom Bower's new book is gonna widen your rift with the royal family," she asked the moment the couple stepped off the escalator.

Besheer shared a video that showed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle clearly looking in her direction when she asked them about Bower's book. But they ignored her completely.

This is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's first public appearance together since they returned to the U.K. in June for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. They attended the United Nations Generally Assembly where the 37-year-old gave his keynote address that focused on world hunger and climate change. Meghan Markle was there to support him and was seen trying to calm his nerves from her seat.

Their appearance at the U.N. came amid high publicity of Bower's novel about the couple. In his unauthorised book, the investigative journalist shared serious claims about the former "Suits" star being a bully to her staff. She allegedly threw a cup of tea and was rude to diplomats during a royal tour with Prince Harry.

Bower added that she also yelled at Prince Harry's friends because of her "wokery" and refused to befriend them. "Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and The War Between the Windsors" will come out on July 21 and royal experts believed that Meghan Markle will dread its contents as it will leave no stone unturned. Bower himself had teased that his book will be a "great surprise" since he interviewed both friends and enemies of the duchess.

Prince Harry (R) and Meghan Markle (L), the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, attend the UN General Assembly on Nelson Mandela International Day
Prince Harry (R) and Meghan Markle (L), the Duke and Duchess of Sussex,