While it's still up in the air who gave instructions to remove Meghan Markle's first and middle names from her son Archie's birth certificate, a new detail has emerged about the birth of the royal tot.

Unlike his parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana and his brother and sister-in-law Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince Harry decided to keep the location of his son's birth secret. What resulted was a PR crisis for his staff who struggled to hide the location from the press.

Royal expert Rebecca English told the Daily Mail that the Duke of Sussex became "morbidly obsessed" with keeping the information completely private. The couple's followers also supported their decision, but the ground situation was quite different.

She recalls about the time: "Behind the scenes, matters were so fraught that more than one official - as I know from personal experience - was reduced to tears of frustration and despair."

Their staff is facing a similar frustration at the moment, as they defend Meghan from the accusations that she removed her name from her son's certificate just to "snub" her in-laws Prince William and Kate Middleton, as she wanted to do something different from them. The change of her name to "Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex" was made in June 2019, weeks after Archie's birth was first registered days following his birth in May.

In a statement released against the accusation, a spokesperson of the Sussexes said: "This was not requested by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex nor by The Duke of Sussex. To see this UK tabloid and their carnival of so-called 'experts' choose to deceptively whip this into a calculated family 'snub' and suggest that she would oddly want to be nameless on her child's birth certificate, or any other legal document, would be laughable were it not offensive."

However, this statement was met with a sense of "bewilderment" in the Palace, as revealed by a royal source. One insider claimed that the "Suits" alum had ordered her staff to make the change in order to "fall in line with amendments she'd already made to her passport."

Another said that the tone of the statement that it was the Palace who "dictated" it was "somewhat unfortunate," as it "certainly wasn't addressed like that."

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Archie
An official christening photo released by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, holding their baby son, Archie at Windsor Castle SUSSEXROYAL / Chris ALLERTON