Prince Harry and Prince Charles lead different lives now, with the latter mostly out doing his royal duties, which means they rarely have time to talk to each other.

Royal commentator Richard Kay called reports that father and son are in frequent contact with each other "inaccurate." He explained that the Prince of Wales barely has the chance to pick up his phone because of how busy he has been lately going on public engagements.

"We understand that recent reports that Harry and his father are in frequent contact are wide of the mark," he wrote in his piece for the Daily Mail.

Kay explained that "Prince Charles is often unavailable when his son calls." Moreover, "he does not have a mobile phone, Harry relies on officials to patch him through when he does ring. And that is often not possible."

He called it an "extraordinary case of history repeating itself" because the same scenario happened during the marital woes of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. "At the height of the marital differences between Harry's parents, Princess Diana was similarly thwarted in phone calls to both Charles and other senior royals," the journalist continued, as he claimed that in both cases "there has been an issue of trust."

"Thirty years ago, Charles never forgave Diana for leaking intimate family secrets to author Andrew Morton. Now, Palace aides believe Harry could damage Charles's hopes of making his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, his queen if he raises new questions about her role in the break-up of his father and mother's marriage," Kay explained adding, "Pointedly, Harry was silent when the Queen announced her stated wish that Camilla should be her son's queen when the time comes — rather than a mere princess consort as was originally planned."

In terms of phone calls between Prince Harry and Prince Charles, there has reportedly been at least one "where voices were raised." A friend of the Prince of Wales claimed that there is worry on how father and son will ever mend their strained relationship when the Duke of Sussex is "unkind about Camilla."

Prince Charles and Prince Harry
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Prince Harry attend a reception on HMS Bulwark where they met Commanding Officer Captain Nick Cooke-Priest and decendants of the Gallipoli campaign on April 24, 2015. Tristan Fewings/Getty Images