Prince Harry recently made an appearance from his new California home to send out a message to those participating in Trailwalker UK Relay 2020. The Duke of Sussex sported a sharp look with his newly-cut hair in the video.

Trailwalker Relay is a virtual trekking event supported by Gurkha Welfare Trust, Oxfam, and Queen's Gurkha Signals. The relay taking place this September is a step towards ending poverty at every step.

The event challenges the participants to complete a 100km trail as a team and raising funds for the vulnerable communities that are grappling to overcome financial problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In a clip shared by Oxfam and Trailwalker UK, Prince Harry appears in a green shirt sporting a trimmed hairdo. Speaking about the significance of the event, he takes us to Nepal which was once devastated by the 2015 earthquake. The royal dad also speaks of his "special connection to Gurkha soldiers" whom he met during his posting in Afghanistan. He emphasises the efforts of Gurkha soldiers who have always stepped up to help communities during the chaos.

In addition, he addresses COVID-19 as a "devastating and destructive" disease that is the new challenge world is struggling to fight.

Trailwalker Relay 2020, our 100km virtual team event organised with @gwtorg and @oxfamgb, starts today! Someone with a special connection to the Gurkhas and Nepal, would like to join us in marking the occasion by wishing our participants good luck with the incredible challenge.

— Trailwalker UK (@TrailwalkerUK) September 21, 2020

"With Covid-19, the world has been pitted against a new challenge. One that is devastating and destructive in its own right," Harry said in the clip. "The Gurkha Welfare Trust and Oxfam are working together to supply PPE (personal protective equipment), establish handwashing facilities, and support public education. They are rallying together in incredibly difficult circumstances to help communities beat the virus and to save lives. Thank you for stepping up for the Gurkhas, for Nepal, and all the communities affected by this pandemic."

The Gurkha Welfare Trust is the leading Gurkha charity supporting the war veterans and their families in Nepal to ensure they can live with dignity. During the pandemic, they have been providing healthcare and medication to the members of the community throughout Nepal.

Prince Harry
Savings and dad's money should tide him over until 'Sussex Royal' kicks in. Photo: POOL / Jeremy Selwyn

As for Oxfam, is a confederation of 20 non-profit organisations working in collaboration with partners in over 90 countries to bring an end to poverty.