Apart from documentary production and book writing and a number of other ventures, Prince Harry has also established a career in public speaking. After several speeches about climate change and vaccine equity, the British royal would speak about "the internet lie machine" and "media propaganda" at an upcoming summit.

The Duke of Sussex is due to appear at an online summit titled "Re: Wired" being organised by Wired magazine next week. He will speak at a session called "The Internet Lie Machine" on Tuesday, November 9, which will discuss the fake news and propaganda on the world wide web. "What is the real cost of a lie on the internet—to ourselves, our communities, our societies?" the seminar brief asks.

The online description of the session read, "As social media algorithms reward shock value over reality, as the line between fact and fiction weakens every day, as media propaganda and online hatred run rampant, we must ask: how did we get here and how do we get out of this mess?"

The statement referred to the 37-year-old as a "global leader who is taking on misinformation in pursuit of a new era of truth." There will be two other speakers at the event- Renée DiResta, technical research manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory, and Rashad Robinson, co-chair of the Aspen Commission on Information Disorder and president at Color Of Change.

According to Wired magazine, the session will feature "a series of conversations between technologists and people who think hard about the consequences for those technologies on society, economics, sustainability and, ultimately, our future."

Meanwhile, Harry's wife Meghan Markle would be speaking at a separate event on the same day. She is due to appear at an online conference organised by the New York Times to discuss "women reaching economic and professional parity."

It is unknown if the couple, who signed a deal with an elite agency arranging public speeches for celebrities last year, are being paid for their upcoming appearances. Experts had predicted last year that each of them could earn more than £1 million every time they do a speech.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry at the US Department of Defense Warrior Games in 2013 in Colorado Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / KEVIN WINTER