Royal biographer Angela Levin criticised Prince Harry amid speculations that he would rather play polo than attend the Platinum Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II.

The author shared her thoughts on the matter during a discussion about the celebrations on an episode of "Brazier" on GB News. She accused the 37-year-old of slowly plotting to bring the British monarchy down.

She said, "He's plotting, one step after the other, trying to bring the monarchy down. It's a claim but what else is he trying to do? He's trying to destroy it."

Speculations are rife that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not join the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, which will run from June 2 to 5. An announcement from royal expert Omid Scobie hinted that they might skip the event.

The "Finding Freedom" co-author announced that Prince Harry has committed to playing the whole summer polo season in California. One of the tournament dates is for June 3 until 19, although there is no mention of the actual dates of the duke's matches.

Harry’s got his priorities straight.

— Colin Brazier (@colinbrazierGBN) May 5, 2022

Regardless, this has led many to believe that he might miss his grandmother's Platinum Jubilee to play polo. Levin claimed that the duke "absolutely must be upsetting the queen." She continued, "He pretends he wants to look after her but he's not there when he wants to."

The author of "Harry: A Biography of a Prince," then criticised his quick visit to see Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. She said, "When you haven't seen someone for two years who is 96 and who has not been very well, you don't turn up for about 10, 15 minutes do you? Because it's more painful afterwards. That's not a proper chat."

Meanwhile, ITV host Lorraine Kelly thinks that being there for the 96-year-old monarch is more important than playing polo. Calling it a "niche sport," she said, "I don't think anybody would be upset if he missed it for such the occasion."

It is said that Queen Elizabeth II has invited Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to join the rest of the royal family on the Buckingham Palace balcony for the RAF flypast. They have yet to confirm their attendance at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Prince William and Harry face off against each other at polo match Reuters