Prince Harry is being advised to take precautionary measures to save whatever hair he has left on his head before he becomes completely bald in three years' time.

The baldness gene runs in the British royal family. Prince Philip passed it down to King Charles III whose two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry are already showing signs of baldness. The Prince of Wales more so than the Duke of Sussex, who called his older brother's baldness "alarming" in his memoir "Spare."

However, hair loss consultant and SpexHair chief Spencer Stevenson said that the duke's days of having a thick crop are also numbered. He told the Daily Star that the 38-year-old "got two or three years maximum unless he intervenes and uses proven treatments" to prevent hair loss.

Stevenson said Prince Harry will "regret" poking fun at Prince William's baldness and that it is going to "come back and haunt him and he's going to have egg on his face."

He added, "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...I think he'll regret those comments...I think it was quite foolish to make the comment."

Stevenson then pointed out that the Duke of Sussex has been "clearly losing his hair for easily five-plus years." "He's very, very thin on top and essentially bald in the crown area," he said. He warned that Prince Harry "will definitely [be bald] if he continues to lose hair at the rate that he has been – [he'll be] completely bald in two to three years."

In "Spare," the dad-of-two commented about Prince William's baldness when he described a meeting with him in 2021. He wrote, "I took it all in, his familiar scowl which had always been his default in dealings with me, his alarming baldness more advanced than my own, his fading resemblance to mummy which was fading with time, with age."

Anderson Cooper later quizzed him about that passage in his interview on CBS' "60 Minutes" and called his statements "cutting." Prince Harry said he does not "see it as cutting at all" and argued that none of what he wrote in his book was "ever intended to hurt his family."

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