Buckingham Palace is ready for a legal comeback in case Prince Harry releases any more damaging revelations in his upcoming memoir.

The palace has had enough of the Duke of Sussex talking about his family in interviews. First, with Meghan Markle in their interview with Oprah Winfrey in March. Next, in his Apple TV+ documentary "The Me You Can't See," in which he accused his father Prince Charles of neglect and of letting him suffer as a child.

Now, the British royals are concerned over what he could possibly tell this time when he releases his memoir. Prince Harry had said that it will contain a "wholly truthful" account of his life and experiences, not as a prince, but as someone with whom the public can relate.

Royal commentator Charles Rae told Entertainment Daily that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles are deeply worried over another barrage of accusations from the 36-year old. He is certain that the British monarch has spoken to her son and to grandson Prince William about this possibility.

"They are as concerned as Her Majesty about what the couple have been saying. There is also great concern through the palace about this memoir by Harry," Rae said adding that the "royals are concerned that members of the family may have to face further allegations."

The commentator claimed that the palace is ready for any legalities as a result of the memoir. He noted, "Clearly any legal letter to the publisher Random House will warn them that the royals will be prepared to act against any of what they see as unfounded accusations." Rae also called it "ironic" if Prince Harry would face "accusations himself of breaching privacy given his own pronouncements on this topic."

Prince Harry's memoir is expected to come out in two parts with the first due for release late in 2022. The release date in itself is reportedly already an insult to Queen Elizabeth II because it arrives in time for her Diamond Jubilee. The book could potentially overshadow celebrations of her 70th year on the throne and this alone is already disrespectful to the 95-year-old monarch.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II
"Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members," Queen Elizabeth stressed in her statement Photo: POOL / John Stillwell