Prince Philip will remain at King Edward VII's Hospital for several more days as he gets treated for an infection, Buckingham Palace announced on Tuesday.

The Duke of Edinburgh was rushed to the hospital Tuesday after he felt unwell. He reportedly walked himself into the facility and his illness is not COVID-19 related.

However, a palace source revealed that he is not expected to leave hospital for several more days as he is still "receiving medical attention" for an unspecified infection. The good thing is the 99-year-old royal "is comfortable and responding to treatment."

Prince Philip's youngest son, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, is also optimistic. He revealed during an interview on Sky News that he spoke to his father and that he is doing "a lot better." He shared that the Duke of Edinburgh is getting frustrated at having to look at the walls and the clock all day.

Thus, he is "looking forward" to getting out of bed and leaving the hospital. Until then, everyone in the family is "keeping their fingers crossed" that the duke will make a full recovery.

Buckingham Palace and Prince Edward's update on Prince Philip's health comes after Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, told reporters on Monday that his grandfather was doing OK." He delivered this message with a wink which could only mean good news.

Queen Elizabeth II, on the other hand, has remained mum about her husband's situation. She has yet to issue an official statement about his health. She has also not been spotted visiting the duke in the hospital, which is understandable given the health and safety restrictions amid the pandemic. The U.K. is also still on lockdown.

However, Prince Charles broke protocol and journeyed 100 miles from his home in Highgrove, Gloucestershire just to see his father. He made the visit on Saturday afternoon and he stayed there for around 30 minutes. He left the hospital looking solemn and returned back home, which could reportedly mean that his father's health is not really of pressing concern. Despite being in the hospital for a week now, Prince Philip is said to be in "good spirits."

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip retired to Windsor Castle, outside London, on March 19. POOL / Alastair Grant