A body language expert suggested that Prince William and Kate Middleton could seriously be considering having a fourth child based on how they reacted to seeing a baby during a visit to charity Church on the Street in Burnley, Lancashire last week.

The Duchess of Cambridge was left enamoured with Anastasia, the baby girl of a couple named Trudi and Alistair Barrie when they visited the charity. She could not resist and just had to cradle the baby in her arms while her husband watched her looking giddily at the baby.

He even joked with onlookers and reporters that they should not give his wife any more ideas about having another child. The couple already has three children, sons Prince George and Prince Louis, and daughter Princess Charlotte. He then jokingly told Kate Middleton "Don't take her with you" when she handed the baby back to her parents.

Still on a high from the Royal visit to Burnley on Thursday and thrilled I caught this moment on video @KensingtonRoyalhttps://t.co/H1XufFaFop

— Sue Plunkett (@Plunkersrocks) January 22, 2022

Body language expert Judi James claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge looked "totally entranced with and focused on this baby." Her focus was on the child and not on the photographers snapping their pictures. She continued to smile down at the baby and was partly "ignoring the cameras for the moment after smiling at them quickly."

Meanwhile, the Duke of Cambridge appeared "more set on producing a smiling pose direct to the camera with his hand in the fig-leaf pose." But "we can see his wide grin beginning to convert from a social smile to something a bit warmer and more authentic."

"William realises what's going on at his side and starts glancing down at the baby too. He glances across and his smile turns into a grin, suggesting he really can see his wife getting broody again," James told the Express adding, "He pretends to 'attack' the people around and the photographers, literally chopping the card in his hand in their direction as he says they are 'giving her ideas', adding 'no more' as he walks away."

James explained that Prince William's "fig-leaf barrier pose in the presence of the baby and his very besotted-looking wife does suggest he is genuinely wary about having any more children." But his slightly suppressed grin supposedly hinted that "he could be possibly persuaded to add to their family" if Kate Middleton "did happen to put the pressure on gently."

Prince William and Kate Middleton with children
Prince William and Kate Middleton with their children Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte Kensington Royal/Instagram