Prince William made a rare reference to Prince Harry during a visit to Belize on Sunday as part of his and Kate Middleton's Caribbean Commonwealth tour on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II.

The couple visited the beachfront village of Hopkins where they showed their dance moves on a makeshift dancefloor with some of the children from the Garifuna community. They let loose as they swayed their hips to the local "punta," putting on big smiles on their faces to show their enjoyment.

Cynthia Ellis-Topsy, ambassador at large for the Garifuna nation, said she also urged Prince William and Kate Middleton to dance.

"I said, 'I'll hold your hand and we will do it together.' He did dance and it was beautiful. [Kate] was a bit nervous and she certainly appreciated the children," she told People adding, "We need to change the mindset and that's best through the children."

Ellis-Topsy shared that she also told the Duke of Cambridge about Prince Harry's visit to Belize in 2012. She remembered at the time that his brother did not hesitate to dance with the locals.

"I said to William that when [his brother] Prince Harry came to Belize he was dancing and didn't need encouragement. He is a wild card. William laughed and said, 'Harry's not self-conscious,'" she shared.

Laura Cacho shared her excitement at having been able to dance with the Duke of Cambridge. She called it "a dream come true" and complimented the 39-year old for his moves.

"It was fun he was a good dancer and I told him he got the Garifuna culture in him. He did the punta dance better than me. He shook his waist to the music. He had a beautiful rhythm. It was a pleasure for me," the 57-year old shared. As for Kate Middleton, Cacho said that she "was excellent as well and definitely has Garifuna culture in her." She added that the couple shook their "waists like nobody's business."

Aside from the dancing, Prince William and Kate Middleton were also offered plantain coconut broth called Hudutu. They also tasted a sweet sava porridge called Sahau with Belizian celebrity chef Sean Kuylen.

Prince William
The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, dances the "punta" during a visit to the Hopkins village in Belize. Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Chris Jackson/Getty Images