Princess Anne had not wanted Camilla to become Queen Consort and had hoped that Prince Charles shared her sentiment.

A palace insider claimed that the thought of the Duchess of Cornwall becoming queen "riled" her. She had reportedly shared her feelings with other members of the royal family and had hoped to receive their support.

"Rumours that Charles may walk back on his promise that Camilla would not be queen has riled Anne to no end, and she's told both Charles and Camilla as much. Anne has made it plain that Camilla will never be a true queen in the eyes of the British subjects," the insider claimed.

"Anne wields a lot of power and has a lot of respect in that family, so you will find that the Wessexes, and maybe even the Cambridges, will back her on this. Charles and Camilla will face a lot of pushback," the source added.

Fans of the late Princess Diana also did not take kindly to the announcement that Camilla will be known as Queen Consort. One wrote, "Aahhh... NO. She came between a marriage, was rewarded with a marriage and now the title of Queen Consort? Sorry I guess I will never forget Princess Diana and all that she did for people."

Another commented, "As much as I love the Queen I don't agree with Camilla becoming Queen Consort, I think Camilla would gain more respect if she was known as Princess Consort."

However, the source's claims about Princess Anne were made last year, according to The Express. Her relationship with Camilla has reportedly since warmed up. Royal expert Penny Junor said that "in the past, Camilla was always rather frightened of Anne" because "she can be very haughty." But that has "mellowed a little with age, and the relationship is much warmer than it was."

Queen Elizabeth II announced on Feb. 6, on the 70th year anniversary of her reign, that it is her "sincere wish" that Camilla will be known as Queen Consort when Prince Charles becomes king. There were speculations in the past that she would be called Princess Consort.

Duchess of Cornwall
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall listen as Queen Elizabeth opens Parliament