Princess Diana had previously expressed her opinion that Camilla should get recognition for her loyalty to the royal family.

The Princess of Wales may have had ill feelings towards the Duchess of Cornwall for allegedly being the third party in her marriage to Prince Charles. But over the years, she reportedly started to see her in a different light.

Princess Diana had then already accepted that her relationship with the Prince of Wales was over. He would always go back to his first love Camilla. According to BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond, because of this, the late royal had at some point learned to warm up to the duchess.

She told OK! magazine about the time the late royal talked about Camila being discreet and loyal. She said, "In one of my long conversations with Diana, she told me that she thought Camilla had been loyal and discreet and deserved some form of recognition." Their conversation reportedly happened at the time when the princess had already "accepted that Camilla was and always would be the love of Charles's life."

"I know she said different things to different journalists on different days. But that's what she said to me one day in 1995," the royal commentator added. She then referenced to the Duchess of Cornwall becoming Queen Consort and said, "So perhaps this is the recognition Diana thought Camilla deserved."

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Fans of the late Princess of Wales may always see the Duchess of Cornwall as not deserving of the title, but she earned it after being supportive of Prince Charles and being loyal to the Firm. A source claimed that "she's never once tried to overshadow her husband, she's always played a supportive role to the Prince of Wales" because "he is her top priority."

The insider added that Camilla, much like Princess Diana, "has also carved a role out for herself" in the royal family. She has taken on multiple public engagements and some "really powerful causes such as violence against women." Despite being married to a future king, she "is still cheerfully willing to go to the back-end of beyond to cut ribbons and shake hands."

Camilla and Charles
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales listen to traditional throat singers during an official welcome ceremony at Nunavut Legislative Assembley during a 3 day official visit to Canada on June 29, 2017 Getty