Princess Margaret was not only one of the most popular royals, she was admired by the people around her as well. Susannah Constantine, who dated the royal's son David Armstrong-Jones for a while, remembers the late Princess as an "enchanting" and "playful" person who became like a "surrogate mother" to her.

"She (Princess Margaret) was one of the most emotionally intelligent people I have ever met. I felt listened to by someone who I loved dearly and respected and admired," Constantine recalled to People magazine.

The fashion guru added that she feels "very lucky" that she had someone like Princess Margaret in her life. She also recalled a moment when the British royal came to her aid when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a dinner with the rest of the British royal family at Windsor Castle. After the strap of Constantine's dress snapped during the soup course, a butler was ushered in with some safety pins, but Princess Margaret personally came forward to assist her with the issue.

Margaret "was fantastic and took me to the loo. She re-did [the pins] so that they weren't seen. We were laughing so much," Constantine recounted.

The royal continued to be her friend even after she broke up with her son David. In fact, Princess Margaret went as far as to throw Constantine an engagement party before her wedding to businessman Sten Bertelsen in 1995. Constantine recalls about the event: "Margaret seated herself next to Bertelsen and "she was saying 'David and Susannah were so in love.' I was almost kicking her under the table asking her to stop. She did it all with a twinkle. Sten saw right through it."

"It was her mischievous side that was enchanting and playful and naughty. There aren't many mothers of ex-boyfriends who would do that," she added.

During the conversation, Constantine also refuted one of the storylines from "The Crown," Netflix's original series that depicts the reign of Princess Margaret's only sibling Queen Elizabeth II. A scene in season four of the series shows former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher going to Balmoral castle and feeling discomfort at walking into the drawing room to see the royals all staring at her.

However, Constantine revealed that there was a very different situation when Thatcher visited one summer in her presence. The 58-year-old says that the then PM was being "incredibly bossy" when the Queen and the rest of the family arrived at a tiny fishing bothy or a hut to have some tea.

"The Queen would want to pour everyone's tea and I remember Margaret Thatcher almost booting her out of the way to pour the tea herself for everyone. She wanted to take control. That's the one thing that I remember," Constantine says.

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon.
Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon.