Quantico is about to wrap up its second season on 1 May, and ahead of the season finale Priyanka Chopra has announced that she is leaving New York for the time being. As the Indian actress prepares to return home, she admits to dealing with "conflicted emotions" as it is her last week in NYC.

In an emotional tweet, the Quantico star shared, "Packing up the house is such a conflicted emotion! so many things pop out that you didn't remember... Last official week in NYC until next time." While she may just be taking a short break until her next return to the US for Baywatch promotions, fans interpreted the tweet as a hint about Quantico's future.

For the longest time, speculations have been rife about the ABC series being pulled off air amid dwindling ratings. Chopra's latest tweet further added to the fears.

"So it is an unofficial confirmation that Qunatico has been cancelled," a disappointed fan commented on the 34-year-old actress' tweet. A second fan, who eagerly hoped the actress reprise her Alex Parrish role, asked, "u will come back for quantico season 3 right?"

Soon followers of the FBI crime thriller flocked to social media to fire Chopra with questions regarding the future of her show. "Don't tell me quantico isn't coming back next season?!" a viewer asked; a second added, "not heading back for season 3 of #Quantico ?"

"While one journey ends, it will lead you to new beginnings. We know you will slay everything you do," a user wrote.

Quantico season 2 premiered on Sunday 25 September with a shocking death episode Quantico/ABC

Amid all the anticipation surrounding the actress' hit TV show, some fans were excited over Chopra's upcoming films. One of the tweets read, "Can't wait for ur announcement about your upcoming projects. Specially in India. Now we have a hope (sic)."

The fresh round of debate over Quantico getting cancelled, however, was sparked by a tweet; and there's no official word from the studio on a season 3. Despite the all-time low ratings – with the series drawing only 2.83 million viewers for season 2 – Quantico showrunner Joshua Safran has been optimistic.

"Honestly, the ratings are kind of off my radar," he told the Hollywood Reporter. "I highly doubt we're going to double in the ratings and I also highly doubt we're going to lose half of our audience. I'm blissfully ignorant and just keeping my head down trying to make the show as strong as possible."