PS Now Service on PS4

As Sony's PS4 uses x86 based architecture it lacks the ability to play older PlayStation games made for previous consoles like the PS2. Since gamers are keen on playing games from older consoles on their PS4, Sony has introduced PlayStation Now, a games streaming service that provides universal backwards compatibility to the PS4.

For now, the service just covers PS3 games with Sony dodging questions about PS2 and PS1 games ever coming to it. However, Sony deserves appreciation for coming out with an effective service meant to play PS3 games on PS4.

Interested in seeing how the service works? Check out the video below.

It comes from Polygon and features Sony's infrastructure for this service. While games do take some time to load up - usually about 40 seconds in this case - the wait is well worth it as there is extremely low latency and games run as well as they would on a PS3.

In other PlayStation related news, Microsoft has been doing more for the Xbox One in terms of updates when compared to Sony's efforts for the PS4. The software giant has been carefully listening to user feedback and has been rolling out updates with features that gamers want.

Even though Sony's PS4 might pack more graphical muscle, it looks like Microsoft is keeping its gamers happy by giving in to their requests and adding solid features with every update. Read more about that here.