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The PlayStation 4

Sony is contemplating adding name changing, reputation system and other such things on to its PlayStation 4 console, according to a survey it recently sent out.

A report from VGX indicates that the company is planning to introduce an entire set of new features, with the reputation system being one of the most important in the lot.

Have a look at the survey and you would notice that it focusses on asking PlayStation members on how they would like the system to work. Sony wants to know if players find a user-based reputation system appealing and what they think about an advanced match making system.

The company is also contemplating offering the following fetaures and has asked players to rate them:

1) Allowing players to change their PlayStation user names

2) Offering players the ability to be invisible

3) To party chat with more than 8 people at a time

4) Syncing messages across platforms so that PS3/PS Vita messages appear on PS4 and vice versa.

5) And onscreen notifications when your friends come online

It is worth noting that features such as having the ability to change your PSN have been requested by players for several years now.

It is expected that Sony will decide whether or not to include these features on the basis of the survey results.