The next-generation gaming landscape is finally ready to witness the fierce competition between Microsoft and Sony. Now that both companies have revealed the technical specifications of their respective consoles, the industry has started to share what it thinks. Looking at the numbers, many will say that the Xbox Series X is the more powerful game system. However, people who believe the PS5 will once again triumph, point out several factors that states otherwise.

Microsoft has been aggressively making the first move when it comes to marketing its upcoming machine. In fact, this has been the case since its debut at The Game Awards 2019. Meanwhile, Sony seems to have stumbled a couple of times in its push to promote its platform. Even until now, consumers are yet to see what the final retail version looks like.

For comparison, the Xbox Series X is getting a lot of attention thanks to the developer's more forthcoming nature. Gameplay demos and hands-on experiences are not being offered to journalists, who have published praises for Microsoft's bold new design and high-end specifications. Nevertheless, Push Square and other publications are confident that the PS5 has what it takes to take on its rival.

While the new Xbox appears focused primarily on performance and raw power, the upcoming PlayStation is all about innovative experiences. Andrea Pessino, the co-founder of Ready at Dawn, shares his opinion on social media.

His post read, "dollar bet: within a year from its launch gamers will fully appreciate that the PS5 is one of the most revolutionary, inspired home consoles ever designed, and will feel silly for having spent energy arguing about 'teraflops' and other similarly misunderstood specs."

As expected, there were others who begged to differ and replied with statements of their own. ""I love and play all [consoles] and I am not tweeting on anyone's payroll. I am excited about the PS5 because I think many smart decisions were made that will enable devs to design in new ways, especially for expansive game," added Pessino.

Sony PS5 deep dive with Mark Cerny
While the public was expecting a more traditional PS5 reveal presentation, Sony once again opted for an odd approach not many appreciated. Photo: Sony

Sony is speculated to offer more than just the PS5 when it launches later this year. In fact, there are rumours that an upgraded PlayStation VR is likewise in development. Unfortunately, there it is possible that both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 release date will be pushed back to 2021 if the coronavirus pandemic continues.