Earlier we shared some tips for gamers who have preordered or will purchase the Xbox Series X this week. Microsoft is launching its flagship console alongside the digital-only Xbox Series S on Tuesday, Nov. 10. Meanwhile, a few days after, its rival Sony is ready to ship out the PS5 in select regions followed by a global release barely a week after. For those of you who are getting one, here are some optional accessories to consider.

There will be two versions available with the standard PS5 priced at $499 and the PS5 Digital Edition at $399. From what Sony already implied, production remains below target, which means shortages will likely continue beyond the holiday season. Therefore, stocks of the console, as well as its add-ons, might be difficult to come by even in the weeks after it hits retailers. The Verge has compiled a list of these peripherals and their pricing for reference.

Immersive gameplay experience

Aside from its next-generation visuals and performance, the PS5 promises to make gameplay even more immersive. Sony is doing it in multiple ways such as the 3D audio, an upcoming VR headset, and the DualSense controller. Now that journalists and influencers have spent some time with retail units provided by the manufacturer, the new gamepad has generally received praise for its innovative features.

Gamers should be prepared to spend $10 more than the DualShock 4 as the sticker price is listed at $69.99. Although one is already included in the box, an extra is needed for local multiplayer gaming. Similar to the console, it sports a two-tone colour scheme and is much larger than those that came before it.

What it does differently this time is how the console emulates certain in-game elements into precise haptic feedback. Sony, claims players would be able to feel a more accurate reproduction of how surface, items, and mechanisms would feel in real life. Moreover, the adaptive triggers can adjust resistance in real-time to match the action on screen.

PlayStation Plus

For consumers who want to save money on games, we suggest that they purchase a subscription for Sony's PlayStation Plus service. PS5 owners will gain access to a library of PS4 games that have been optimised for the new console as well as new ones each month. Normally, it costs around $60 for one year, but there are discounts available right now that are at more than 50 percent off. Take note that most online multiplayer games require an active PlayStation Plus membership to play.

Additional storage space

Unlike the Xbox Series X which packs a 1TB internal storage, the PS5 uses a custom SSD which is listed at 825 GB. Only 667.2 GB will be available for the user, which means the internal memory will soon be used up by some games that require more than 100 GB. Instead of a proprietary storage format, it is compatible with standard M.2 NVMe SSDs which are still quite expensive.

However, if you plan to store your compatible digital PS4 games, it is better to copy everything into an external drive such as the 4 TB Seagate Game Drive which sells for $112. Keep in mind that PS5 games will not run on a storage medium other than the one specified above.


The PS5 does not only play video games, but it is also a capable multimedia machine. The console is shipping with several pre-installed streaming services such as Spotify, Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube with more to come in future updates. The PS5 Media remote will set you back $30 and includes shortcut buttons for the aforementioned apps.

Sony unveils the PS5 and its accessories
It appears the contour of the stand should be able to interchangeably hold the console on its side or on its bottom. Photo: Sony