One recurring challenge engineers are facing when developing new game systems is cooling. Each console generation traditionally introduces performance improvements over the older model, which means more heat is produced. Over the weekend, images of a PS5's warning screen came up after overheating issues circulated online. It was purportedly taken from a Walmart display kiosk which enclosed the unit inside a small acrylic case. This is evidently a reminder for those who preordered their units to ensure that it is set in an area with ample ventilation.

When the PlayStation 5 was officially unveiled, many were surprised by its size as it towered over every other platform released so far. Sources say it allows the PS5 to run quieter and cooler than the Xbox Series X, which others claim produces more noise than its predecessors. However, this was later clarified that the source of the noise is apparently the Blu-ray drive.

In an official teardown video, Sony gave the public an in-depth view of how the PS5 manages to keep its internals from running too hot. Therefore, this recent overheating incident at Walmart should not be taken against the PS5 due to the circumstances. Twitter user @Xzyliac posted: "There's a Series X and a PS5 on display at my Best Buy and the Series X is actually way smaller than I expected which is kinda funny.

This was followed by a photo of the display where the PS5 was connected to, with a warning message that reads: "Your PS5 is too hot. Turn off your PS5, and wait until the temperature goes down." The replies that followed poked fun at the people who previously mocked the size and design of the Xbox Series X, which is surprisingly smaller in contrast to Sony's next-generation console.

Gaming industry pundits quickly pointed out that what happened was not a preview of what might become a widespread issue after launch. In fact, a recent article regarding the PS5's size indicated that it could become a challenge for owners who have compact entertainment rigs. Nevertheless, as long as the space is not enclosed like the display kiosk at Walmart, overheating should not be a problem.

Sony's PS5 will compete with Microsoft's Xbox
Sony's PlayStation 5 will enter a head-to-head battle with rival Microsoft's new Xbox. Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc / Handout