After weeks of speculating since news about the PS4 dropped, Sony finally confirmed a 2020 release date along with other hardware updates. Perhaps among all the new details revealed, information about its GPU and capabilities were what gamers wanted to know about.

After talking about ray-tracing earlier this year, consumers wanted to know how the system will handle the feature. Reports can verify it will be integrated with the GPU, which will likely please fans. Meanwhile, the company also demonstrated the new controller which is expected to be called the DualShock 5.

When playing games, graphics are the first things players notice. However, the controller is likewise an essential part of the entertainment experience. The introduction of vibration feedback allows developers to deliver tactile sensory feedback to the user. For example, Nintendo recently showcased its HD Rumble technology with the Joy-Cons for the Switch. It seems that Sony wants to take it a step further by adding a haptic feedback system to the DualShock 5.

So this is the leaked Dualshock 5?

— Zorklis (@Zorklis) October 8, 2019

After an exclusive hands-on demonstration of the new PS5 controller, WIRED can confirm that there is a definitely a huge difference. As the on-screen character was moving around, the different surfaces reportedly registered a distinct vibration pattern. For comparison, another game was played with the new controller than with the DualShock 4 and the results were allegedly impressive.

Sony product manager Toshi Aoki claims his team was planning on introducing the haptic feedback feature with the PS4 Pro. Ultimately, the proposal was rejected and held back for the next-generation console instead so as not to disappoint owners of the base model. Moreover, the adaptive triggers located on the L2 and R2 buttons can adjust the resistance to match certain gameplay elements.

The new controller now comes with a USB Type-C interface, which is another requested feature from consumers. The report likewise noted that there were other new elements on the device, but the developers declined to elaborate further.

PlayStation 5's new controller will feature haptic technology and will allow developers to adjust the resistance of its L2 and R2 triggers: #PS5

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) October 8, 2019

In related news, a leaked patent document from Sony illustrated a dedicated voice assistant system. Unfortunately, it was not specified if the feature will be implemented on the PS5 console itself or on a separate accessory. There is speculation that an integrated microphone on the DualShock 5 would allow it to detect voice commands.

Sony DUALSHOCK 4 (Courtsy:
Sony DUALSHOCK 4 (Courtsy: