Gamers who have been waiting for any news regarding the next Xbox model are finally getting some courtesy of Microsoft. Xbox Chief Phil Spencer recently posted some intriguing updates on social media about Project Scarlett. He wants Xbox One usersto know that they might have been connecting to what could be a dev kit of the new console online. Moreover, a reliable source also revealed some surprising news related to the upcoming platform. However, analysts are suggesting that Sony's PS5 is already in the lead for several reasons.

While both companies are targeting a 2020 release date around the holiday shopping season. Sony has already begun a campaign to promote the PS5. Meanwhile, it looks like Microsoft is still not ready for any big reveals and is trying to catch up with its competitor. In fact, BGR points out that the Project Scarlett does not even have an official name up to this point, which is becoming a worrying subject for Xbox fans.

And it’s started….this week I brought my Project Scarlett console home and it's become my primary console, playing my games, connecting to the community and yes, using my Elite Series 2 controller, having a blast. Great work by the team, 2020 is going to be an incredible year.

— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) December 4, 2019

Equally important is the amount of details shared by both companies related to the new consoles. Except for bold claims and teasers, Microsoft is yet to disclose anything concrete about Xbox Scarlett. Sony, on the other hand, has shared relevant information on the PS5, such as how it will tackle load times, graphical capabilities, a reworked dynamic user interface, a new controller, and so much more. There are even leaked photos of the PlayStation 5 dev kits being circulated online by insiders.

Another thing worth noting is the data from search results. Since consumers already know the official name of Sony's console, it makes it easier to look for updates over the web. In contrast, people don't know what to search for when it comes to Microsoft's new gaming platform. There's Xbox Scarlett, Xbox Two and Project Scarlett. Furthermore, there's the addition of two more codenames that were newly uncovered: Anaconda and Lockhart.

PS5 anyone?

— The Drunk Catâ„¢ (@Alcoholikaust) November 30, 2019

Sources speculate there would be two next-generation Xbox consoles releasing next year. Anaconda is believed to be the flagship model, while the Lockhart is the less-powerful and disc-less version of the Xbox Scarlett. It remains to be seen if the Sony PS5 is indeed superior to what Microsoft has in development. But it is likely that both game systems will closely match each other when it comes to performance.

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A stand-off between the PlayStation and Xbox stands at E3 2016. Getty Images