As one of Europe's longest-serving democratically elected political leaders, Russian president Vladimir Putin is no stranger to scrutiny. The secretive politician has been accused of many things during his years as leader, including most recently influencing the 2016 US presidential election.

However, one new theory suggests that the politician and former KGB spy may in fact be three different people – and there's photographic evidence to prove it.

A Twitter user known as English Russia pointed to three different pictures of the leader, each showing three slightly different ears. (Of course, they were taken years apart but don't let that suspend your disbelief.)

They wrote: "A conspiracy theory suggests there at least three different Putins, backed by the fact his ears look different on different photos"

So far the post has received over 500 shares and 1,000 likes and it seems that many are at least partially taken in by the bonkers theory.

Some might even have a solution to the discrepancy.

Of course, these guys show that there might actually be some biological reasons for the notably differing ears.

Earlier this month the internet delivered again with another conspiracy theory that makes David Icke seem reasonable.

Social media users pointed out that young Natalie Portman and Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown share an exceptional likeness and might even be the same person.