Washington DC police have detained and charged a man in the quadruple murders of a wealthy local couple, their son and housekeeper that occurred last week. The man, identified as 34-year-old Daron Wint, was arraigned on 22 May and ordered held without bond, Reuters reported.

Wint, who faces first-degree murder charges, is accused of holding Savvas Savopoulos and three others captive until he received $40,000 (£26,000) in cash, after which he killed them and set fire to their mansion.

According to the criminal complaint, Savopoulos, his 47-year-old wife Amy and their 57-year-old housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa died after bring struck and stabbed. Meanwhile, the couple's 10-year-old son Phillip died of "thermal and sharp force injuries".

The bodies of the family and housekeeper were found on 14 May.

According to Acting US Attorney Vincent Cohen Jr, Wint was arrested on 21 May in DC and was being held without bond. Wint was a passenger in a car traveling alongside a truck when he was arrested. Police arrested, and later released, three men and two women in the two vehicles.

Reuters reported that a preliminary hearing is set for 23 June.

"We will continue to investigate this case and bring all charges that are appropriate in the coming weeks," Cohen told reporters.

The affidavit said the four were held captive on 13 May and Savopoulos had an employee deliver the $40,000 to the house the following day.

Wint, who had worked for Savopoulous's company American Iron Works, was found with over $10,000 in money orders in his car. The truck he was travelling in with was found to have a stack of $100 bills and other money orders, police said.

Police were able to identify Wint from DNA found on the pizza crust that had been delivered to the home on 13 May. According to the Washington Post, DC police believe that more than one person was involved in the gruesome murder.