The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh continued their tour of the northwest of the country and inaugurated a new entrance - the Diamond Jubilee Quarter - at the Chester Zoo, on 17 May.

The royal couple visited the zoo by monorail, where the Queen unveiled a plaque at the entrance. The two then parted; the Queen went to see the rhinoceros paddock, while The Duke of Edinburgh viewed the elephant enclosure. There were reportedly crowds gathering as early as 6.30 in the morning, to get a glimpse of the royal guests.

"We just want to see the Queen. She is such a special person and the Jubilee is a historic occasion," Gloria Ackerley, a resident from Delamere, was quoted as saying in a Press Association (PA report). Ackerley was accompanied by her daughter and granddaughter, Daisy. The Queen was presented with a posy of flowers by nine year old Ruby Pilgrim.

The couple then visited the Orford Jubilee Park in Warrington, where they took rounds of the interior of the building. The Queen was shown artwork by children from Lysander High School and a Jubilee history display by Warrington Museum. The students from the University of Chester presented the Queen with The Loyal Address before she unveiled a statue in the front of the building. Meanwhile, The Duke of Edinburgh helped bury a time capsule that was created by children from schools in the Orford area.

The Queen and the The Duke of Edinburgh then visited the Merseyside Maritime Museum and boarded a yellow Duckmarine boat for a short tour around Albert Dock before returning for lunch.

The Queen visited Accrington Market Hall the previous day, where she unveiled a coat of arms and, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, visited market stalls. They also lunched, earlier that day, at Burnley Football Club and visited Burnely College and the University of Central Lancashire.

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