From the celebrated 105 carat Koh-i-Noor diamond on the crown to the legendary Cullinan diamond, Queen Elizabeth's impressive collection of diamond jewellery has fascinated people through the years.

For the first time in history, to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 60 years of reign, an exclusive exhibition is being held showcasing the entire Royal Collection to the public.

The exhibition to be held at Buckingham Palace from 30 June to 7 October, 2012, will feature the many ways in which diamonds have been used by British monarchs over the last 200 years.

The event will include an unprecedented display of a number of the Queen's personal jewels that have been either inherited or acquired during her reign.

The exhibition will also reveal how many of these extraordinary stones have undergone a number of transformations, having been re-cut or incorporated into new settings during their fascinating history.

The Telegraph reported that the Queen's collection contains a number of diamonds with "histories" usually a mixture of fact and legend that have added to their desirability and fame.

This includes the 3106 carat Cullinan diamond which was first discovered in a South African mine in 1905. History has it that the diamond was initially thrown away as it was thought to be too large to be a diamond.

According to the Daily Mail, once recovered, the diamond was presented to King Edward VII as a gift and cuts were used in the Crown Jewels. Other cuts were used to make brooches, necklaces and earrings worn by royalty including Queen Elizabeth II throughout her 60-year reign.

Of the nine cuts, a total of seven will be on display at the exclusive diamond jubilee exhibition at Buckingham Palace.

The Koh-i-Noor diamond, on the other hand, is one of the most famous diamonds in the Royal Collection that have been set in the crown of Queen Elizabeth, consort of George VI and last Empress of India.

Among the diamond jewels to be displayed include Queen Elizabeth's Coronation necklace, Williamson Diamond Brooch, Queen Mary's Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara and Queen Victoria's fringe brooch.

Catch a glimpse of the exclusive exhibits: