Queen Elizabeth II is used to being treated with the utmost courtesy and respect when she meets her subjects. But today (9 March) Her Majesty received a volatile reception from a fellow guest at the opening of a war memorial.

The British monarch had been at a Drumhead Service on Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall, London, where she was joined by other royals, such as Prince William and and Princess Kate, to pay tribute to fallen soldiers.

She met a number of servicemen and women as she officially opened a new sculpture dedicated to soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. A total of 2,500 guests attended the event.

One of them, however, was far from pleased to be there. Two-year-old Alfie Lunn went into meltdown as Her Majesty and her husband Prince Philip approached to say "hello".

Alfie's parents Mark and Michelle, both serving in the British Army, did their best to calm him down as he stomped, kicked, and screamed in the presence of the 90-year-old head of state.

But it was to no avail: the tantrum continued unabated before the royals made the sensible decision to move on. The incident was captured on film and has been posted online.

Mrs Lunn said: "They're so unpredictable children, we tried our best. He was fine up until a few minutes before the Queen arrived," according to MailOnline.

Alfie reportedly pulled himself together in time to meet Theresa May a few minutes later.

Iraq Afghanistan war memorial
The Queen encountered a very cranky toddler at a Drumhead Service at Horse Guards Parade on 9 March Toby Melville/Reuters