The Festival of Remembrance clearly showed that Queen Elizabeth II is slowly delegating her responsibilities to other senior royal family members, according to royal commentator Jennie Bond.

She pointed out the importance of Sunday's service for the monarch during an appearance on the BBC Breakfast show on Monday. She said the queen would not miss it for the world unless for a very important reason. In this case, Buckingham Palace said she pulled out from the event because she "sprained her back." Her absence meant other members of the royal family had to step in.

"This is an almost sacred day in the year for her, the Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph. You have to remember, she's head of the armed forces," Bond said.

"Yesterday was a most important day in her calendar. Normally we would have seen her on the balcony, where yesterday we saw the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duchess of Cambridge, and the Countess of Wessex," she added.

Bond then shared that what people are "seeing now is a gradual transition of responsibility from the Queen to Prince Charles, Prince William, and other senior members of the Royal Family." She noted that "they are taking in more responsibilities" for the sake of Queen Elizabeth II, whose health continues to stir concerns.

"They're probably at the forefront of the celebrations and the Queen will pop up here and there for the big days themselves," the royal commentator said, alluding to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations next year to mark Her Majesty's 70 years on the throne.

However, Bond said that thanks to modern technology, the 95-year-old monarch does not have to entirely give up her royal duties. She can carry out light duties from her desk, as she has done in the past weeks with her virtual meetings.

Queen Elizabeth II did not only miss the Festival of Remembrance on Sunday but also several other prior public engagements because of her health. She had to pull out of an in-person appearance at the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow and sent her welcome message via video recording instead. She also had to cancel her trip to Northern Ireland and was advised by her doctors to go on a two-week medical leave following an overnight stay in the hospital.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II attended last year's ceremony at the Cenotaph, which commemorates military veterans and the fallen in all conflicts since World War I the First World War and services across Commonwealth countries remember servicemen and women who have fallen in the line of duty since WWI. Photo: POOL via AFP / Aaron Chown