Queen Elizabeth is pure royalty. She is used to royal treatment on a regular basis at the hands of her household staff. Nevertheless, the monarch of England doesn't shy away from carrying out household tasks herself in the Buckingham Palace.

According to The Sun, the Queen herself made a cup of tea for a man at work in the Buckingham Palace. The surprising revelation was made by a royal upholsterer Kevin Andrews. The latter is reportedly an acquaintance of the builder who encountered this shocking, yet pleasant incident.

The report reveals that the story is a part of a Channel 5 documentary titled, "Secrets of the Royal Palaces." As Andrews recounted the incident, he revealed that the builder was present at the palace to refurbish a desk. While doing his job, a polite woman asked him if he wanted a cup of tea.

"Yeah. In a mug. Two sugars. Builders' tea. I don't want any of that nonsense I had the last time I was here, all that fine china and all that saucer stuff," the contractor replied. Moments later, a well-spoken woman arrived with his tea and said, "I've put your tea on the table here."

At first, he may have not paid attention but when he looked up to see the person offering tea, he was surprised to see the queen leave the room.

The documentary unravels never-heard-of details about the palace. One of the many includes a revelation that the palace had its own bar previously, but they had to get rid of it after they found out that the staff was using it.

Meanwhile, the palace's former chef Darren McGrady earlier revealed the queen's favourite drink in his book "Eating Royally". He claimed that she likes a gin and Dubbonet. The 93-year-old royal doesn't drink every day but likes it in the evenings.

"She certainly doesn't drink four glasses a day," added the former chef of the palace. And sometimes she likes to take German sweet wine with her dinner but not every day," he said.

Queen Elizabeth II
Britain's Queen Elizabeth is seen sitting at a desk in the 1844 Room after recording her Christmas Day broadcast to the Commonwealth, in Buckingham Palace, in this undated photograph received in London, Britain 24 December, 2017 REUTERS/John Stillwell/Pool TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

What's more? There might be an ATM machine that the royals have it installed in one of the Buckingham Palace's room that hosts 775 rooms out of which over 50 are bedrooms and nearly 80 are bathrooms.

"Secrets of the Royal Palaces" is a four-part documentary series that is scheduled to air later this month. The first episode will explore the premises of Buckingham Palace. Fans will also get a glimpse of other royal residencies including Windsor Castle, Balmoral and Clarence House.