Queen Elizabeth is having a hard time standing as speculation has mounted over whether she will grace the Braemar Gathering while in Scotland, a new report claimed.

Most, if not all, royal fans are aware that Queen Elizabeth travelled to Scotland on July 21 as part of her summer retreat but has not appeared at public events since. The mother of Prince Charles, to recall, has faced episodic mobility issues in autumn and now uses a walking stick regularly.

Followers of Queen Elizabeth also noticed that some of her official engagements this year are shorter in length than what would have been expected. Recently, royal expert Robert Jobson shared that it would be "significant" if the monarch would not go to the Braemar Gathering on September 3.

Jobson, during an appearance on the Australian morning show titled "Sunrise," said, "I think it will be significant if she doesn't attend. I understand she's trying to work out ways to get in, but the fact is that with the mobility she's got, she's struggling to stand on her feet. It's difficult and also, she'll be in a position where you're standing for quite some time. It's quite awkward for her."

He added, "I know she wants to go. We've seen all the developments lately which have led to all this speculation."

To recall, Queen Elizabeth was a no-show in some of the events during her Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June. However, she made two separate brief appearances on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

The grandmother of Prince William and Prince Harry is also projected to break her summer holiday and fly off to England to hold audiences with the outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his successor in early September. Amid the growing health concerns, Queen Elizabeth is very much unlikely to abdicate and hand over the monarchy to her heirs.

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti previously claimed that Queen Elizabeth is unlikely to pass over the crown to Prince Charles. Speaking to Express UK, he said, "I think it would be wrong of us to second guess that, especially at the moment when the Queen is going through a period of rest."

Sacerdoti furthered, "I also think that it's unlikely that she would abdicate. She's always been very clear that that is not part of how she sees the role. But it is true that she started to share more of the duties and more publicly so with other members of the family. I do think it's a sensible and natural part that Prince Charles should be doing more. When he accompanies her to the state opening of Parliament even before Prince Philip had passed, we saw in a way he learned on the job. I think that's one of the features that work so well with a hereditary head of state."

Queen Elizabeth has yet to comment on the reports saying that she has been struggling to stand up recently. So, devoted supporters of the British monarch should take all these unverified claims with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

Queen Elizabeth
A waxwork of Britain's Queen Elizabeth is displayed in Blackpool Tower Ballroom during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations in Blackpool, Britain, June 5, 2022. Reuters / MOLLY DARLINGTON