Kate Middleton has proven herself worthy to become a future queen because of her sense of duty to the British monarchy. As such, the Queen Mother would have been fond of her.

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond claimed that Queen Elizabeth II's mother "would've approved" of the Duchess of Cambridge. The mum-of-three has shown her dedication to her role within the monarchy and never failed to show grace even under pressure.

"Kate is turning out to be the real deal. Gracious, elegant, committed, and dutiful - the Queen Mother would've very much approved of her," she told OK!

Bond claimed the Queen Mother would have been unforgiving toward Meghan Markle and Prince Harry because they abandoned their royal duties. The late royal, who died in 2002, would have immediately thought that they were following in the steps of King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

On the other hand, she would have adored Kate Middleton. The royal expert claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge and the late queen share some similarities. They both love to interact with the British public and they do not hesitate to give them their time.

"Everyone who spoke to the Queen Mother would say that she gave you the time of day. I say the same about Kate. She gives the impression of being fully engaged and committed to any conversation or engagement, and the Queen Mother was notorious for that," she explained and said that the Queen Mother was so engaging with the public that "she was late for everything!"

Bond added, "She would just stay and chat to her fans. She would recognise them and approach the crowd."

Similarly, the Duchess of Cambridge does not just offer a smile or wave to the crowd during public engagements. She would often approach them and engage in small talks. She would even get physical and offer a tender touch to some.

It is her informality that endears her to the people, according to Bond. She said that both Kate Middleton and Prince William "connect with young people in a way that's vital for the success and future of the crown. They've nailed it and made the monarchy cool."

Kate Middleton
Kate has been seen much more frequently in recent years, preparing her for a future role as queen consort Photo: POOL via AFP / Chris Jackson