Britain's worst rail disaster
Britain's worst rail disaster took place at Gretna Green near the Scottish and English border Getty Images

A memorial service will be held to commemorate the 100<sup>th anniversary of Britian's worst rail disaster.

More than 200 soldiers were killed after a train derailed and caught fire at Quintinshill, near Gretna Green, south-west Scotland on 22 May 1915.

The Princess Royal and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will be attending the special service today (22 May), at the Rosebank Cemetery in Edinburgh where a memorial carries the name of everyone who died.

The soldiers from the Royal Scots were travelling in a train on their way to Gallipoli, when it crashed into a train which was stationary at the mainline near the Scottish and English border.

Other fatal rail crashes in the UK

Harrow and Wealdstone, 112 killed, 8 October 1952

Potters Bar, 7 killed, 10 May 2002

Ladbroke Grove Park - 31 killed - 5 October 1999

Clapham Rail Junction - 35 killed - 12 December 1988

Winsford - 24 killed - 17 April 1948

Shortly after, a Glasgow-bound express train then smashed into the wreckage at the Quintinshill signal box causing a devastating fire which engulfed the troops' train.

The two signalmen controlling the line were both sent to prison.

Twelve civilians were also killed and a further 246 people were injured – however, the death toll remains unclear to this day.

Other commemorative events include a march to Quintinshill, the unveiling of a roll of honour at Gretna Old Parish Church and a tree planting at Gretna Green war memorial.

Quintinshill rail tragedy
An injured eye witness arriving at the enquiry into a rail crash at Quintinshill, near Gretna Green in south-west Scotland. More than 200 soldiers were killed after carriages became derailed and their troop train caught fire. Topical Press Agency/Getty Images