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This is D-Day.

This is all set to be one of the most hotly debated and eagerly anticipated Premier League games in recent history.

This is all set to rank right up there with the game between Chelsea and Manchester City... after John Terry got into a bit of trouble over an affair with fellow international Wayne Bridge's girlfriend and two farcically refused to shake hands when their clubs met in the Premier League.

This is no longer a game between Manchester United and Liverpool. Instead, it is the return of the latter's Uruguayan striker - Luis Suarez... and the former's French full back - Patrice Evra.

Why is that special ? well... the last time these two faced off, it resulted in Evra accusing Suarez of racism and was the spark for what became one of the biggest and most controversial racism cases in recent time!

And it could happen all over again!

Meanwhile, check out a few other instances of racism in club football...