"Raised by Wolves" creator Aaron Guzikowski said that Marcus will redefine himself in Season 2 and that the installment will shed more details about the mysterious Sol and the tropical zone.

Season 1 ended with Marcus ( Travis Fimmel) going crazy in his belief that Sol is real and that he is the chosen one. He has become a zealot to the point that he already forgot that he was an atheist. Marcus has "been broken down to nothing" and "gone as crazy as one can go." In the upcoming season, he is "going to kind of redefine himself."

"He grew up on Earth as a child soldier. He was completely powerless and he got to this planet and suddenly he was hearing a voice and everyone was worshiping him and he lost his mind, essentially," Guzikowski explained to Collider adding, "And in the process, he's kind of been broken down into his most essential elements, as it were. So I think in Season 2, we're going to see a sort of rebirth, as it were."

At the end of Season 1, Marcus could no longer hear Sol's voice. Instead, it turned to his son Paul. This means that Sol can commune with anyone. However, Guzikowski teased that there has to be "some connection in terms of who hears the voice and when, and how many."

"Really, I think only one person can hear it at a time," he said.

"Raised by Wolves" Season 2 will no longer just settle on Kepler-22b. Instead, there will be flashbacks to present-day Earth to show viewers "what might be going on there after everything's over because there are still necromancers on earth." The tropical zone will also highly feature in the installment following that cliffhanger in Season 1.

To recap, Mother and Father boarded the lander with the baby serpent she gave birth to and dived into one of the bottomless pits. They wanted to kill themselves along with the serpent, but found themselves in the tropical zone instead. They escaped unharmed and the serpent, now a full-blown monster, slithered into the air.

Guzikowski said the setting for "Raised by Wolves" Season 2 will mostly be in the tropical zone which he described as "very much like Earth." He revealed that it will also have its own pentagonal temple just like the one found on Kepler-22b.

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