The rapper accused Kanye West of having sexual relations with Kim Kardashian while she was dating Reggie Bush.

US rapper Consequence has claimed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had an affair while she was still dating NFL star Reggie Bush.

The 35-year-old music producer, who was once signed to West's label Good Music, made the allegations during an appearance on Power 105.1′s Breakfast Club show with his girlfriend Jen The Pen.

Consequence, born Dexter Raymond Mills Jr, claimed he would often drive West to hotels for his secret rendezvous with Kardashian.

"When [Kanye] was sticking Kim when Kim was with Reggie you know whose secret that was? That was our secret," Jen said. "When the rest of the world didn't know."

Jen went on to revealed that Consequence supported West during this period "[Consequence] had [Kanye's] back every night that man called 'What do I, what do I do about Kim? I need to be with her.' That secret was in my home," she said.

Kardashian, 32, dated the 27-year-old dated on and off from 200710.

Consequence also confirmed that he ghost-wrote some of West's biggest hits and that their fallout in 2011 stemmed from West owing him money.

"When I'm not your friend any more, and I'm ghostwriting for you, I'm gonna tell everybody. I never said nothing about none of that because for me it was about moving on with business.

"I am a ghostwriter, I have been helping you, that's why I can say I'm arguably one of the best. If you running around here saying you the best on the planet, and you definitely say that, how you gonna say that when you have my pen..How?"

The Keeping up with the Kardashian star has revealed that she is pregnant by West. The couple have been dating for eight months.

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