Ubisoft has confirmed that its hit game, Rayman Legends, will be arriving for Xbox One and PS4 in North America on 25 February.

According to a blog post: "Thanks to next-gen technology, Rayman and Co. look even better than ever."

Ubisoft added that the next-gen version of the game has received more than just a facelift. Apart from looking more gorgeous than the current-gen version and making use of the powerful next-gen hardware, the new versions of the game will come with "some bonus goodies".

The Xbox One version of the game will come with 10 exclusive challenges, apart from three exclusive costumes for Rayman and Globox.

PS4 owners will be treated to an exclusive new costume - Assassin Ray. Apart from this, users of Sony's next-gen console will get to use the PS4 controller to, " scratch lucky tickets and share your screens and videos with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you've also got a PlayStation Vita, you'll be able to take advantage of the remote play functionality. Keep playing Rayman Legends on your PS4, even if your TV is turned off."

The developer also has a fun-filled free browser-based demo which includes three levels - Teensies in Trouble, Toad Story and the musical level Castle Rock. It can be played with an Xbox 360 controller or your mouse and keyboard.

Also check out this game announcement trailer staring Rayman and Snoop Lion.