Rebekah Vardy
Leicester City's Jamie Vardy with wife Rebekah and family on the pitch after a match Reuters

She may live the high-life these days as one of Britain's most famous WAGs, but Rebekah Vardy is the latest celebrity to come forward and speak about her past involving sexual abuse and harassment.

The 35-year-old mother-of-four – who has two children with the Leicester City striker – is one of many famous women to come forward with their personal stories following the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

She spoke of how she suffered "hardship" in her early years but her painful experiences, including a suicide attempt, lead her to meeting Vardy and the life that she loves today.

Mrs Vardy told her 70.2K followers in the candid Instagram post:

"Today I saw this quote and it inspired me to write a little essay as I believe every word of it to be true......

"In my teens & my 20's I had years of hardship. Sexual abuse in my teens, a suicide attempt, awful relationships with nasty men who I stupidly thought would look after me. I was a victim of awful domestic abuse (physical & psychological), I suffered from PND & caught my partner at the time messaging other women for sex when I was in the depths of despair.

"Somehow I found the strength to get out of the house and the relationship, I got help from my doctor & was able to stand on my own two feet. I struggled to make ends meet but I was independent and free from bad relationships for the first time in 16 difficult years and I was taking care of myself and my kids and loving it.

"That's when Jamie came into my life. When I wasn't looking for anyone and I was learning who I really was, I met the only man other than my real Dad who finally showed me how kind and supportive a man could be.

"I am so grateful for our happy life and I truly believe that every awful thing I went through lead me on the path to the life that I love today To anyone who is having a hard time for whatever reason, things do change, it will take time but it will get better".

Her followers commended Vardy for her brave admission, with one person telling her: "You've inspired so many women Becky your an amazing beautiful mother and wife who deserves so much happiness, you didn't have to speak about your past but it will help so many girls who are going through a similar situation".

Another commented: "Well done for standing up for yourself and showing your girls not to take shit" while a third added: "So sad to hear you went through such a tough time, but SO pleased for you that you now have found your happily ever after ❤️xxxx".


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The Vardys married at Cheshire's Peckforton Castle in May 2016, and in addition to their two children, Sofia, one, and 10-month-old son Finley, she has with the footballer, Mrs Vardy has to more children, Megan 11, and Taylor, 6, from previous relationships and the family live in an eight-bedroomed mansion in Lincolnshire.

Vardy has previously been open about her personal struggles, appearing on Loose Women earlier this year to discuss postpartum depression.

While breastfeeding her new baby Finley, she said: "I think people in general after you've had kids they think you're a superwoman and there's never any issues.

"It's a really taboo subject post natal depression there's a stigma they think it doesn't exist – it was after my second child. I couldn't get out of bed its very much real."

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