Microsoft unveils the Xbox Series S
From a design perspective, the Xbox Series S is remarkably different from the flagship Xbox Series X. Photo: Microsoft

"Redfall" is considered by most gaming publications as one of the biggest releases for 2023. After seeing early gameplay trailers of the open-world, co-op FPS game by Arkane Studios Austin, gamers just can't get enough of what they've seen of its gameplay so far, which is described by GamesHub as a "hybrid stealth-action shooter with plenty of gnarly tricks and twists."

While there is no official "Redfall" release date announcement yet, a recent rumour claims that it is coming out in May. Meanwhile, here's what we know about the game.

'Redfall' release date, platforms

There is no official "Redfall" release date announcement at the moment. However, a rumor from Twitter user eXtas1s claims that the game is set for launch on May 2, 2023, according to GameRant.

The leaker, eXtas1s, is known for leaking information about Hideo Kojima's Project Overdose. The leaker appears to be rather confident about the May 2 rumour, which might suggest that he has confirmed it.

Still, fans should take it with a grain of salt. Thankfully, fans could expect official updates during the Xbox Bethesda Developer Direct later this month. What's known for certain is that the game will be released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X/S in the first half of 2023.

'Redfall' story, setting

"Redfall" is set in the quiet suburban town of Redfall. Unfortunately for the regular folks, vampires took a liking to the town and claimed it as their own.

There are even quite powerful ones among their ranks. Some have godlike abilities that allow them to block out and force back the tide making the place even more suitable to their kind, according to

With the vampires and their followers freely roaming the town's streets in search of prey, it's up to the player and his friends, who play as vampire hunters in the game to drive the unwelcome guests. "Redfall has everything you could want from a cooperative, story-driven FPS experience, plus everything Arkane fans have come to expect from the studio," the developers teased.