Two sisters, Mariah Stone, and Ashley Stone, are seen in a video seated in their home in Maryland watching television before a massive tree crashes through the roof. The video, which was shared on social media, shows the two girls screaming in fear moments after the roof of their home caves in. As the dust settled, the girls seem rattled but unscathed.

Mariah, 14, and Ashley, 15, are seen seated on separate settees watching television. Their dog, Gizmo, is seen snugly sleeping near the foot of one of the girls.

The video records a loud cracking sound and Gizmo running out of the frame. There is a loud crash as the roof collapses into the room. Dust and roof panels obscure the video for a while, before the teenagers can be seen emerging from the rubble.

typhoon tree
Residents look at a fallen tree which damaged four houses after Typhoon Rammasun (locally named Glenda) battered the town of Rosario, Cavite city, south of Manila Reuters

Both girls let out blood curdling screams once the initial shock subsided. The sisters removed chunks of the roof panels which fell on them. One of the girls called out for Gizmo. "I gotta find Gizmo," the teen screamed to her sister.

One of the sisters was seen crying on the phone to her dad. Francis Stone recalled hearing his daughter crying over the phone, saying that they have lost everything as their house has been destroyed. Francis told his daughters to evacuate the structure and he left his workplace to find their home in ruins. The father of two was grateful that nobody was hurt.

Gizmo, Mariah and Ashley were apparently saved by the family's stainless-steel refrigerator. According to the Daily Star, the trunk of the tree fell on the refrigerator, which prevented the tree from breaking through to the floor of the house. If the tree had fallen unhindered, then the floor would have collapsed, taking the girls down with it and possibly causing their deaths.

The video was posted on Facebook, where thousands of viewers expressed their concern for the family. From their joint account, the girl's parents announced on Facebook that the family was fine and it was only their home that sustained damages. Ashley later narrated that when the roof caved in, she felt as if they were hit by an earthquake.