Hundreds of refugees have been stranded at the border of Greece and Macedonia in the freezing cold. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia stopped accepting refugees that were not heading to Germany or Austria on 22 January, leaving around 750 stuck near the Greek village of Idomeni.

While aid groups are attempting to offer refugees food and shelter at the border, hundreds have been left to fend for themselves.

"Even if they are Syrian, Afghan or Iraqi nationals, if [their paperwork] does not say Germany or Austria, they are turned back from the border," said Gemma Gillie, spokesperson for the local Doctors Without Borders mission.

Local police are attempting to control the flow of migrants and refugees heading through the border, with buses and cars stopped there before being able to cross into Macedonia. It is thought around 200 people have been kept in heated shelter, while the rest have been given blankets out in the cold.

Despite this, some refugees are remaining hopeful of reaching their destinations. "I want to go on to a country that does not have any war," said Marwan Arefi from Afghanistan.

Before the border closure, Macedonia had only been accepting people into the country if they are from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, dismissing all others as "economic migrants".